Tate No Yuusha Nariagari

The Rise of The Shield Hero, a great series that I’d like to recommend. It’s a Web Novel, Light Novel, Manga, and in a few hours (and once this is posted), it’ll become an anime. So I’ve decided to take this chance to talk about it and try to convince you why you should watch the show, read the manga, and light novel, and web novel. But you could also just watch the show (I hope it’s good).


The show focuses on Naofumi Iwatani, a normal university student who’s also an otaku that gets transported to a country named Melromarc in a new world when he opens a book that is a tale about the tale of four heroes. He is suddenly surprised to see three other humans who talk about their old worlds and how they came into this world, they each respectively think it’s a game, and mention how they understand the world is like the games they played in their home worlds (It’s implied they all came from different universes if you will). The three heroes, thinking this world is based off of a game, treat it condescendingly and act with arrogance because they were the chosen ones, the people of destiny if you will. Anyways in this new world we learn of Waves, which are like tower defense waves, just waves of monsters that come after specific time periods, the four heroes, are now to defend this country.

The plot is fairly simplistic for an isekai, but the plot isn’t the reason why I like it so much, nay, why I love it so much. I love it so much because of the tight character development in the story, where we’ll see sub-protaganists getting entire sections dedicated to them who help advance the plot in some sort of way. It’s an exciting adventure even with its fairly simplistic roots, it’s like if you take a good concept that’s already over-saturated but actually done well. The story is one example of even things that are disliked by seemingly everyone, in this instance, isekai, and then you actually do it well. It’s really entertaining and that’s actually pretty much it.

[Author’s Note] Huh, yeah, it is just that. Turns out I’m pretty bad at reviews, I had this idea and thought of doing this for the past week and have been writing about it, but I wasn’t able to write something decently long. But, I think that’s fine, I wanted to try doing this because I love this series, but it’s just so hard to express my joy for actually reading this work of art. Not sure if I want to continue doing reviews, and I’m also not sure if I’ll be able to follow my New Year’s Resolution of writing and posting once in three days, I want to make it like a week, but that’ll just make me start procrastinating. Again, sorry for the short and fairly lackluster post, decided to just get this over with and keep going on my search to find something I like writing and am good at writing. Bye! Have a great weekend!


New Years & Waifus

Happy Belated New Years my dear readers. It has been way too long since the last post. I’m sorry, I’ve been busy, and I’ve been living my life. But I really want to work on this blog, so guess what I made as my New Year’s Resolution? I decided that for 2019, I’ll start writing more! So that would be great news for any future readers, they’ll have more to read if they ever feel inclined to binge my posts. Really feel excited for this year.

Anyways, lets get into the meat of this post. I’m going to be talking about two topics today, you can see them in the title. My thoughts on New Years, what I did and such, why I’ve been busy basically. And also the main dish/desert, my two waifus and their respective serializations and or manga and or anime.

Lets get over the first thing. New Years is great! You gotta love the New Years man, fireworks, explosions, and money everywhere. What’s not to love about New Years? I for one love waking up in the morning, opening my curtains, getting some coffee and saying hello to the brand new day. But New Years is on a scale way above that! You’re saying hello to a brand NEW YEAR! It’s pretty much the pinnacle of brand new things, unless we’re like saying a brand new century or decade, which is cool, but I mean you never celebrate those. They aren’t annual events that nearly everyone on the planet celebrates. Plus, you get cool Christmas Videos specials during the time before the New Years, it’s great, that’s really obvious and everyone here gets that fact.

Moving on, why was I gone for so long. It’s been like a week since my first ever post, where’s the consistency? Well, I’ve been doing nothing but attending anime conventions (Ozine 2018 which is in the Philippines because I’m currently located in the country) and watching Netflix, also buying presents and stuff. So I have had a lot of time to actually write but just spent a lot of it, not writing, which is bad especially because I really want to get into the habit of writing everyday, hell, I’d like to post like every other day if that’s possible, but after the holidays I don’t think that is entirely feasible, I think that will just have to be a dream for now. So basically I’m going to explain how often I’m going to post because I want to set up a schedule for myself, something consistent so I can grow or just so I can get better at writing, and build myself a portfolio. I’m going to post every 3 days at the maximum bringing to you a new article with a new topic that I personally enjoy and have experience in. Sounds like a hard task, but I’m going to Mike Boyd this and keep learning for the sake of writing.

What will I be writing about? Well, my expertise happens to be in the video games competitive community, anime, and some sports. But I would like to already consider myself a renaissance man, this blog will be entirely on things that I enjoy, and things that are thought provoking, because I love learning, and I hope my readers will grow to, or already love learning. I want to talk about news articles that I uncover and global phenomena. Things that are important, to share my stance on it. If you’re discovering this blog now, it’s probably going to be a lot of think-pieces, so if you aren’t into that, well, I still hope you’ll stick around because there’ll be something for everyone to enjoy.

And I think that’s it for the first part of the post, time for me to get into the real meat, the main dish. I promised waifus and I have brought them, today I’m going to be talking about the one and only Tadokoro Megumi from Shokugeki No Soma, otherwise known as Food Wars! One of my favorite manga to come out ever, it’s a shounen battle manga about food with big girls (not fat) and big boys with dreams of graduating from the best cooking school in the world Tootsuki Academy. We follow our MC Main hero boy Souma as we watch him beat challenge after challenge meeting new girls and new boys to undress with his food. Sounds awesome doesn’t it, sounds completely insane with the normal shounen plot? Hell yeah it does, this is probably the manliest thing I’ve ever read. What’s manlier than eating and looking at naked titties? Absolutely nothing, Jojo has nothing on this manga. FUCK YEAH! NAKED BITCHES EATING FOOD MADE BY REAL MEN!

Actually it isn’t really that, it’s like Yakitate Japan, with a lot more Ecchi, it used to be really popular but I’m not so sure anymore. My favorite girl in the series is called Tadokoro Megumi, she’s a really lighthearted kind chef who makes these meals a mother would make, and it’s really relaxing for me. She has blue hair with blue eyes, with this cute hairstyle too. She’s an all around moe character, not in the sense of lolicon or generic moe, but I’d say she’s just plain old cute and fun to watch or read. She really brightened up the Shokugeki No Soma manga with her hospitality. But the sad thing is, is that she’s not the main heroine of the show even though that’d be awesome, but sometimes your side characters will be better than your main characters. That’s why we have Spinoffs! Yeah……

I only have two waifus actually, pretty short list. I think I want to leave my main girl Aqua (Konosuba) into a different post to be totally honest. So I guess I’ll be posting this half finished half baked post now! Don’t worry though, you will see more. Next time on Dragonball Z
Dragon dragon. dradradradra Dragon, dragon Ball Z.

Hentai Haven Deserved It

[EDIT: This post refers to the Official Discord Community where you can actually speak to all the staff members and owners of HH rather than the comment section of the website. I am not talking about the Website’s Community, because that’s not managed by too many people, definitely not the co-owner of the website]

Hello! My name is Weeablue, I started this blog today because I’ve been informed about the news of the Hentai Streaming website Hentai Haven being taken down. I’m sure all the readers of this blog know this has happened and a lot of you might think this is a really big deal. But I’m here to assure everyone that Hentai Haven was a toxic place with terrible moderators and filled with people constantly spewing hate-speech.

Now, that’s a large topic isn’t it, first off. Who are you in the first place and why should I trust you? Secondly, how does the inner community actually affect my enjoyment of watching hentai? Lastly, why should I even care? I’m going to answer these questions before I even start this post.

My name is Weeablue, I am someone who was part of the Hentai Haven Community for years, I know all of the people affiliated with the website (excluding G) and I have had quite a few experiences with them all. Least to say there’s very few good ones and a lot of bad ones, bad being toxic in the sense that others were harassed and bullied. It isn’t fun to experience these types of situations, I’m sure all my readers know.

To the second question you might be asking, I’m going to tell you that it really doesn’t affect your enjoyment of porn too much, but I want everyone to actually know about half of the shit going on there.

Lastly, why should you care? Well, like the second question, you really shouldn’t. This post is mostly to inform about the shit that’s been going down in the server, it’s not too bad but it’s not good either.

Let me start from the beginning, I joined the HH community around one and a half years ago, because I was invited to this server. Originally I thought it was a meme and I joined it just because I wanted to have fun and talk to new people, the reasons most people join servers. Now, when I initially joined there was not really a problem, they disliked newbies like most discord servers and had the mindset of “White Have No Rights” which is fairly common, but that’s an entirely different problem altogether that I might talk about in some other post. Anyways I was accepted because I was self deprecating and was kind of a shitposter at the time, the type of person that was extremely toxic to everyone and told lots of people to kill themselves on the spot just because I didn’t like them, it was pretty bad. So yeah, I was accepted into the community fairly well, the mods liked me, the active members liked me, and the co-owner liked me, going as far as to add me as his friend and make sure I didn’t get banned ever. Great start right? But if you look at it closely you’ll see that this is no way to manage a server and you might already know of problems that might come up in the future, problems that I was not aware of, problems that I didn’t have the foresight to see.

Even with this type of tight knit start there are lots of things that were bad about the server, I was one of the exceptions of whites that were alright. Everyone else was treated disdainfully and there were barely any new active people on the server, which is what you get when you treat your newbies like trash but I digress. This was a seemingly large problem in the community, it’s unlike other toxic communities that are just like “You’re mom gay” to new people it was like a full on war against these “snakes in the making” (Snake is a term I’ll say explain later into the post for people who don’t know about it). This problem is just rampant in the community and it really saddens me to think about it.

Another thing that was terrible was the treatment of women in the community by the moderation staff. Now, this would normally be a problem in a community about porn in general, some people say things like porn demoralizes women and shit like that but I don’t want to delve into those semantics whatsoever. How were these women treated you might ask? Well, in normal communities women are called thots, this is kind of fine and is usually a joke, but in the community it’s blown way out of proportion. Women are practically bullied into sending nudes of themselves even when underage or banned. There were occasions of straight up just bullying these poor people. I’ve seen times where women were forced to send nudes and then when they somehow got these photos were banned immediately after just because of how they are. This was how women were treated when they were new, but lets say a person you didn’t know was a girl turned out to be a girl. Well, it’d be a case of the community liking the female, being absolutely fine with them, but upon realization that a thot had entered the fray the mods/co-owner (Hentai Senpai) would go into what I’d call anti thot mode. This is when he instantly just changes his opinion of the woman into utter disgust, it’s a marvel how he does it so quickly, like, I am mystified and I’ve seen it for almost a year. It’s almost poetic actually, but I again, digress. We’ll move onto the next point.

I’ve covered these large problems, I think we should take a little break and get back on track of my experiences in the community. Before I started talking about some (just some) of the very big problems in the community I was talking about how I was treated by the server. Well, at first I was treated really well, HS liked me to the point of unbanning me even if I did things warranting a ban, so least to say I was treated unfairly to a degree compared to others. Now, this doesn’t really seem like a bad thing right? Maybe he’s just compassionate about new people, clearly not, it’s evident because of his treatment of others. The reason why I was constantly unbanned for doing stupid shit was because I was in his posse of friends. Of course this would be a problem, giving your friends absolute diplomatic immunity of being banned on a server that isn’t even yours (another large problem was the owner of the server actually never talked, as in, never, not one message in the history of the server but that won’t be mentioned here. This is just a reason as to why all this bullshit happened). Now, this immunity wouldn’t last forever though, I soon lost it because I started growing as a person, and making other friends with friendlier people who didn’t call me a waste of space for no reason. His opinion changed of me as soon as I made friends with other people that weren’t specifically in his posse, I was immediately deemed a snake and treated with the same disdain he treats everyone in the server. This time was when I started to realize how bad HS truly was, this was the time everything started going immediately to shit.

I’ve spoken about when I realized everything was going to shit but I haven’t pulled out too many examples to be honest. So I’m going to go a bit off topic and show an example of the tyranny of Co-Owner HS. Now, there was a girl on the server named Angela. Angela was a lovely girl that everyone on the server liked, she never broke any rules whatsoever and was just an all around good person. Now, she was hated by HS and there was a lot of tension between the two of them. Basically, HS sent her some dick pics that she didn’t like. Why did he send these dick pics? I can’t answer why, probably because he harasses nearly every woman on the server. Anyways lets continue, so she didn’t like his dick pics because apparently not every girl was the thot that HS thought they were. Yeah, big surprise, no one likes dick pics right? So this damaged his relation cause his pride was taken down and he couldn’t handle that damage to his manhood, he then proceeded to punish Angela for no reason, keeping her on mute for weeks on end, banning her multiple times. These actions of him reflected how much of a tyrant he was basically, he always pardoned his friends but always punished people who weren’t toxic, people who were good. These actions strained his relationships with the entire server to the point that one of his friends just left him because he didn’t like how much of a cunt HS was.

Here’s a term that I’ve been throwing around this entire post, snaking. What exactly is snaking, well. Snaking, in HH is when a friend betrays you or acts like the biblical snake in the bible, the snake in genesis. It is also when you leak dms for the sake of starting or backing up drama. Now, that’s what snaking is. Snaking was this term that was used as the end all be all argument against a person’s personality, it was often used by HS’ posse to describe someone who isn’t their friend, and is a large reason a majority of the active users of HH were killed off by being banned repeatedly. The typical thing that happened on the server was, HS would ban someone, call them a snake for absolutely no reason to make them seem like a terrible person, then the rest of his dick sucking posse would follow him and say that they are a snake. I’ve never seen friendships this fake tbh, or just people this shallow. This term was fucking terrible.

Holy shit, my blood boils remembering this community nowadays, I do not want to continue writing this. I haven’t painted the server like I wanted to, and I haven’t really explained even a quarter of the shit that went down yet. But, I just wanted to write down a few of my experiences in this place, I’m glad I was actually able to write this. Anyways, yeah. If anyone wants to find out more or anything, feel free to DM me on discord, my user is Weeablue#3060. Feel free to comment here and that other stuff yada yada yada. I hope you’ll stick around to read some more, I’ll definitely start posting a lot soon. Thank you for sticking through my writing till the end.